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Hello Defenders,

Defend Florida wants to thank you for your SUPPORT in helping us get the word out about Defend Florida and ACTING when we send the Call to Action! Our efforts have inspired and connected leaders in our communities across Florida. We, collectively, stand as a force for freedom, justice and The American Way.

Exciting Things Are Happening at Defend Florida 

and You Are Part of This Amazing Movement!


Defend Florida attended CPAC 


Defend Florida attended CPAC we met amazing Patriot groups who, like us, are fighting for our freedoms in their own unique ways.

 We are leading by example. Uniting and working with groups to link us all together in this battle for freedom.

Please See All Of Our Interviews From CPAC Below


Domine Clemons on Unifying Freedom Loving Americans


Erin Phillips on Parent Empowerment

Mark Gotz on Citizen Engagement in Local Politics

Mark Gotz talks about actions, initiatives, and objectives on Election Integrity


General Flynn Exclusive: We the People, Power of the Grassroots!

General Michael Flynn discusses the Defend Florida movement and how it is inspiring freedom-loving Americans to unite at the grassroots level to restore our liberties and our constitutional rights.

We have now translated our General Flynn Interview in Spanish

English                            Espanola

Please Forward This Email to All Your Friends That Love America and The State of Florida.

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